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Carbon Capture

The world is quickly moving forward to Green Energy with ambitious Net Zero target dates. 

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) involves the sequestration of large amounts of carbon dioxide (CO₂) emitted from the industrial burning of fossil fuels. There are many technical approaches to CCS, but a common requirement for nearly all large-scale projects is transporting CO₂ from capture sites to storage offshore. Pipelines are the most common method for transporting large quantities over long distances, re-using depleted gas fields for subsea storage.

Solartron ISA has decades of experience in designing and manufacturing subsea flow meters. Our Seastreams SPFM's (single phase flow meters) provide high accuracy and reliable flow measurement data in the of harshest subsea environments. 

Flow measurement of CO₂ is challenging; transportation and re-injection subsea require accurate and robust metering to manage and report injected volumes to regulatory authorities. In support of these CCS projects, Solartron ISA will be launching it’s new CarbonStream subsea CO2 meter in Houston at the Carbon Capture Technology Expo (28-29 June). If you would like to learn more about our CCS products, please complete the below form.

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