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Hydrogen Production

Hydrogen is a cleaner energy source, as it does not contain carbon and cannot form carbon dioxide as a by-product of combustion. As a result, Hydrogen's benefits will lead to an increase in production and its use as a fuel.

Many of the worldwide gas transportation networks are now conducting studies on the feasibility of transporting Hydrogen throughout current Transmission and Distribution Gas Networks to deliver gas to consumers for heating and cooking in their homes, to reduce emissions and reduce the effect of global warming.

Solartron ISA is using expertise in DP flowmeter design and manufacture to support several studies in hydrogen flow measurement to develop hydrogen flow meters for the industrial sector. Currently, hydrogen fuel generation uses one of four production methods, and a specific color commonly refers to each method to delineate the production method: 

 Green hydrogen generated from renewable (non-fossil fuel) energy sources and electrolysis. 
 Blue hydrogen produced using fossil fuel sources such as natural gas and includes carbon capture. 
Gray hydrogen created from natural gas without carbon capture. 
 Brown hydrogen generated from coal gasification. 

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