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DP Flow

Solartron ISA is world renowned for the supply of differential pressure measurement systems. Our expertise is used throughout the oil, gas, process and power industries. Engineers all over the world value the technical guidance and support we offer in solving measurement challenges, from noise issues in a refinery to high pressure applications in the upstream energy industry. In addition, our Engineers support the development of international flow measurement standards that benefit the measurement community as a whole.

Solutions Philosophy
Solartron ISA’s DP flow knowledge not only ensures design and manufacture of devices according to international standards but also allows us to develop solutions for specific applications. Our engineering expertise, coupled with in house manufacturing capability, allows us to respond to specific requests for design and operating requirements. The best results come from understanding our customer requirements. The Solartron ISA team has a long established reputation for providing consultative support both prior to order and throughout the delivery process.

Total Delivery Experience
Solartron ISA’s Total Delivery Experience is focused on clients, employees and the environment. Our team ensures a smooth transition through evaluation, project execution and life of field support. Our complete in house manufacturing facility ensures consistent quality with the ability to rapidly react to your requirements.

The cornerstone of our Total Delivery Experience is as follows:
  • Communication
  • HSE
  • Quality
  • Delivery
  • Support

Life of Field Support
Solartron ISA offers installation, site inspection and engineering support for all of our products. Our aftermarket programs assist you 24/7 through customized service agreements.

Click here to view our complete DP Flow Measurement and Restriction Brochure.
  • Orifice Plates

    • Simple, proven technology
    • Variants include square edge, conical entrance, quarter circle and eccentric
    • Benefit: An uncompromised, reliable, worldwide recognized measurement device

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  • Orifice Carriers

    • Can be sized to accommodate a particular envelope / flange requirement
    • Variants include integral corner taps, split ring with corner or flange taps
    • Benefit: Perfect choice if orifice taps are not present in the pipe-work

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  • Orifice Flange Assembly

    • Flange assembly negates the requirement for further pipe drilling
    • Bespoke instrument connections can be provided per client requirements
    • Benefit: A complete orifice assembly installation solution

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  • Orifice Flanged Meter Runs
    Orifice Flanged Meter Runs

    • Designed and manufactured to achieve an optimum flow metering uncertainty
    • Economical and simple design used for many applications in the industry
    • Benefit: Inclusion of required straight lengths to provide highest accuracy

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  • Flow Nozzles

    • Ideal for measuring high velocity non viscous fluids
    • Connection types: flanged, butt-weld and insert type
    • Applications include: hydrocarbon liquids and gas process, steam process, erosive fluids, high velocity process and process measurement

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  • Venturi Nozzles

    • Profile is virtually immune to any wear or erosion
    • Low permanent pressure loss
    • Applications include: hydrocarbon liquids and gas process, steam process, erosive fluids, high velocity process and process measurement

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  • Venturi Tubes

    The Venturi is an original 'fit and forget' device, as its classical profile reduces the effects of erosion and general wear. Solartron ISA’s Venturi tubes are available in a wide range of sizes, pressure class and material specifications.

    • Low permanent pressure loss resulting in energy savings
    • Minimal upstream length requirements
    • Applications include: hydrocarbon gas and liquids, LNG trains, compression stations, process management and high accuracy custody transfer, as well as allocation flow metering

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  • Wedge Meters
    Wedge Meters

    • Robust, effective solution for slurries, suspended solids processes and viscous liquids
    • Bi-directional process flow measurement product
    • Applications include: slurries and high viscosity corrosive and abrasive liquids

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  • Dall Tubes

    • The lowest permanent pressure loss primary DP device
    • Variants include: flanged and insert type
    • Applications include: hydrocarbon, liquid and gas process, gas transmission and process measurement

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  • Averaging Pitot Tubes
    Averaging Pitot Tubes

    • Averaging Pitot tubes offer an accurate measurement and low permanent pressure loss, typically <10% of DP – there are two measurement principles and designs available
    • Pitot tubes are comparatively easy to install, typically through a single 25mm (1") pipe tapping, or flanged nipple
    • Applications include: gas transmission pipelines (where significant pressure loss is not tolerated), air ducts, low permanent pressure loss applications and process measurement

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  • Restriction Orifice Plates
    Restriction Orifice Plates

    • Reduces line pressure and control’s flow rates by restricting flow regardless of downstream conditions
    • Applications include: hydrocarbon liquids and gas process, controlled pressure reduction, blow-down service, pressure vessels and noise reduction

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