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Venturi Nozzles

Venturi Nozzles

Flow Measurement Excellence

Venturi Nozzles combine the best features of a Venturi Tube and a Flow Nozzle into one single unit. These accurate devices are ideal for measuring the flow of high velocity, non-viscous fluids (e.g. Steam and other high velocity gases). Venturi Nozzles are particularly suitable for erosive fluids where the sharp edge of an Orifice Plate could quickly deteriorate, with an outlet cone to improve pressure recovery.

Solartron ISA offer a wide range of Venturi Nozzle designs with a solid nozzle and either solid or fabricated outlet cone including flanged or butt-weld connections. All Venturi Nozzle types are designed in accordance with ISO 5167-3. Lines sizes are offered within a range of 50mm up to 1000mm. Venturi Nozzle designs can provide substantial cost savings as the profile is virtually immune to any wear or erosion. These devices are often regarded as “fit and forget”, where very little maintenance and inspection is required.

Solartron ISA offer Venturi Nozzle designs to suit the needs of any pipe-work configuration for various lengths, orientations and end connections. We provide complete Engineering support from initial design and sizing concepts to manufactured final products.


  • Proven flow metering technology and robust design, supported by ISO 5167
  • Accurate flow metering of high velocity steam and gas
  • No maintenance and inspection is required

  • Specifications +

    • Hydrocarbon, Liquids & Gas Process
    • Steam Process
    • Erosive Fluids
    • High Velocity Process
    • Process Measurement

    Key Parameters
    • Proven Technology
    • Robust Design
    • ’Fit and Forget’ Flow Metering
    • Low Pressure Loss
    • Suitable for Most Process Conditions

    Functional Specifications
    Line Size DN50 (1”) to DN1000 (40”), Larger Sizes Available on request
    Pressure Ratings Ranging from ANSI 150# to API 15K PSI
    Types of Venturi Flow Nozzles Solid, Machined (and Fabricated)
    End Connections Flanged, Butt-Weld, Hub
    Further connections are available on request
    Types of Tappings Flanged, NPT, Socket Weld, Thread O’let, Socket O’let
    Further types are available on request
    Beta Ratio 0.32 to 0.77 (Nozzle type dependent)
    Reynolds Number Ranging From 1.5 x 105 up to 2 x 106
    Accuracy Typically ±3% un-calibrated, ± 1% calibrated
    NDT Testing Hydro-testing, Dye Penetrant, Radiography
    Additional options:
    Magnetic Particle, PMI, Gas and Water Calibrations
    Further testing is available on request
    Flow Turndown Typically >10:1, depending on Transmitter configuration
    Flow Nozzle Material Carbon Steel, Low Temperature Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Chrome Moly Steel, Duplex, Super Duplex, 6 Mo, Aluminum
    Others available on request

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    Flowstream Venturi Nozzles
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