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Dualstream Topside

Each gas condensate development has its own unique challenges.

This may include measuring gas rates to allocation standard, accurately detecting low levels of water for hydrate mitigation, or simply optimizing production recovery from marginal fields.

  • Reservoir Management
  • Improved production
  • Hydrate Mitigation
  • hydrocarbon Allocation


Dualstream wet gas meters have been in use since the early 1990's. Knowledge and experience developed over the last two decades enables Solartron ISA to evaluate and match requirements to a number of technology solutions. This knowledge base is readily available to assist in successful deployment of measurement systems for this difficult application.

  • Remote Locations
  • Harsh Environments
  • Unmanned Platforms
  • Multiple Well Applications

New Plug and Play Compact Design:
Our latest design benefits from Solartron ISA's unrivalled experience developed over three decades in the engineering, installation and operation of wet gas flow meters. Recent enhancements have been implemented to reduce installation time, improve measurement performance and increase operational safety on wellheads and flow lines. 

Dualstream Product Range:

The Dualstream family of wet gas meters is uniquely positioned to provide the operator with the optimum life of field solution.

Dualstream Venturi - Original wet gas meter for use with existing well test facilities

Dualstream 1 - Smart solution for high GVF wet gas wells

Dualstream 2 - Smart solution for high liquid wet gas wells

Dualstream 3 - New ultra high accuracy wet gas meter