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Dualstream Subsea

Dualstream Subsea meters

Each gas condensate development has its own unique challenges.

These may include measuring gas rates to allocation standard, accurately detecting low levels of water for hydrate mitigation, or simply optimizing production recovery from marginal fields.

Subsea Experience
Dualstream meters have been implemented in shallow and deepwater water applications in up to 10,000ft (3000m) water. The first subsea Dualstream meter was installed in 1994. Solartron ISA subsea meters are now in operation in the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Canada, SE Asia and Australia.

Dualstream Product Range
The Dualstream family of wet gas meters is uniquely positioned to provide the operator with the optimum life of field solution.

Dualstream Venturi Subsea - Original wet gas metering solution

Dualstream 1 Subsea - Smart subsea solution for high GVF wet gas wells

Dualstream 2 Subsea - Smart subsea solution for high liquid wet gas wells