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Dualstream Venturi Subsea

Dualstream Venturi is a low CAPEX solution for allocation or monitoring of gas flow rate. It is typically used on a per well basis. Installed either in the Xmas tree, removable choke bridge, jumper or manifold, it is ideal for high GVF applications. By only deploying standard sensor systems subsea, all flow computation is carried out topside, ensuring minimum intervention during the life of the field topside.

Common applications include tie-ins to existing infrastructure or large multi-well fields where production fluids remain relatively constant throughout field life.

  • Compact Design
  • Low Power
  • Industry Standard Computer
  • Large Installed Base
  • Regulatory Body Approval

Measurement Application
  • Royalty Allocation
  • Flow Line Monitoring

  • Specifications +

    Measurement Technique
    Dualstream wet gas Venturi
    Wet gas correction algorithms
    Liquid fraction from periodic well test

    Operating Range
    Gas mass fraction: 50-100%
    Turndown: >8:1 typical
    Water Liquid Ratio: 0-100%

    Typical Uncertainty (95% confidence level):
    Gas mass flow rate: <5%
    Liquid mass flow rate from well test

    Gas mass flow rate: <0.15%

    Permanent Pressure Loss
    Pressure loss specific to application (<1 bar)

    Subsea Sensors
    Solartron ISA SST range subsea sensors comprising:
    Venturi differential pressure sensor with diaphragm seal (gauge pressure as secondary variable)
    Temperature - Optional
    Output options MODBUS, SIIS Level 2 (CANBUS) or IWIS
    Subsea Power Requirement 24VDC < 10W
    (includes redundant sensors supplied as standard)

    Installation Requirements
    Horizontal or Vertical Installation
    Compact flowmeter design options are available for applications where installation envelope is restricted, please contact SolartronISA for details.

    Topside Data Acquisition - Optional
    Options available include
    Dualstream Flow Computer (safe area)
    Dualstream PC (safe area)

    User Required Inputs
    Compositional Data
    Liquid Density
    Liquid Fraction (from well test)

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