Dualstream 1

Smart solution for high GVF wet gas wells 

Dualstream 1 is a 3-phase measurement solution for allocation or monitoring gas condensate wells. It is typically used on a per well basis at the wellhead or in the flow line. Standard field instrumentation makes Dualstream 1 ideally suited to remote wellheads or unmanned platforms.

Common applications include tie-ins to existing infrastructure or new field development where real time high accuracy gas measurement is a fundamental operator requirement and water measurement accuracy is required for efficient well operation.

Dualstream 1 replaces the need for test separators or tracer dilution techniques.

  • Real time 3-phase Data
  • High GVF
  • Uncomplicated & Robust
  • Low OPEX
  • Industry Standard Computer
  • Large Installed base
  • Regulatory Body approval

Measurement Application
  • Royalty allocation
  • Hydrate Mitigation
  • Flow line monitoring
  • Specifications +

    Measurement Technique
    Dualstream Venturi
    PLR measurement
    Proprietary wet gas Algorithm

    Operating Range
    Turn Down >8:1
    Gas Mass Fraction 80-100%
    Water Liquid Ratio 0-100%

    Typical Uncertainty (95% Confidence Level)
    Gas Mass Flow Rate ±2%
    Condensate Mass Flow Rate ±10%
    Water Volume Flow Rate ±1 am3/h

    Gas Mass Flow Rate <0.40%
    Condensate Mass Flow Rate <2.0%
    Water Sensitivity ±2 am3/h

    Permanent Pressure Loss
    Pressure Loss Specific to Application (<1 bar)

    Installation Requirements
    Orientation Horizontal or Vertical

    Standard Field Instrumentation Comprising:

    • Differential Pressure
    • Gauge Pressure
    • Temperature

    Data Acquisition
    Options available include:

    • Dualstream Flow Computer (safe area)
    • Dualstream PC (safe area)
    • Dualstream PC (hazardous area)

    User required Inputs

    • Hydrocarbon Composition


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