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Dualstream 2

Smart solution for high liquid wet gas wells

Dualstream 2 is a 3-phase measurement solution for allocation or monitoring gas condensate wells. It is typically used on a per well basis at the wellhead or in the flow line on wells with high liquids.

Standard field instrumentation makes Dualstream 2 ideally suited for remote wellheads or unmanned platforms.

Common applications include tie-ins to existing infrastructure or new field development where real time high accuracy gas measurement is a fundamental operation requirement and water measurement accuracy is required for efficient well operation.

Dualstream 2 replaces the need for test separators or tracer dilution techniques.

New Plug and Play Compact Design
Our latest design benefits from Solartron ISA’s unrivalled experience developed over three decades in the engineering, installation and operation of wet gas flow meters. Recent enhancements have been implemented to reduce installation time, improve measurement performance and increase operational safety on wellheads and flow lines.

  • Real time 3-phase Data
  • GVF > 90%
  • Uncomplicated & Robust
  • Low OPEX
  • Industry Standard Computer
  • Large Installed base

Measurement Application
  • Royalty allocation
  • Hydrate Mitigation
  • Flow line monitoring

Principle of Operation
The basic principles used within Dualstream 2 are explained in the video below:

  • Specifications +

    Measurement Technique
    Dualstream Venturi
    PLR Measurement
    Dual DP
    Proprietary Wet Gas Algorithm

    Installation Requirements

    Typical Operating Range
    Gas mass fraction: 50-100%
    Water Liquid Ratio: 0-100%
    Turndown: >8:1 typical

    Typical Performance (95% confidence level)
    Gas Mass Flow Rate ±2% (typical)
    Condensate Mass Flow Rate ±10%
    Water Volume Flow Rate ±1 am3/h

    Typical Repeatability
    Gas Mass Flow Rate <0.4% 
    Condensate Mass Flow Rate <2.0% 
    Water Sensitivity ±0.2 am3/h 
    Standard field instrumentation comprising:
    • Differential pressure - class leading true digital sensor
    • Gauge pressure - secondary variable from DP sensor
    • Temperature - non intrusive sensor

    Data Acquisition
    Options available include:
    • Dualstream Flow Computer Module (safe area)
      Industrial 19" Server

    Other options available include: 
    • Dualstream Industrial Flow Computer (safe area)
    • Dualstream PC (hazardous area)
    • Floor or wall mounted panel (safe area)

    User Required Inputs
    • Hydrocarbon Composition


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  • Wet Gas Application Questionnaire +