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Dualstream 3

New ultra high accuracy wet gas meter

The Dualstream 3 is the latest development in wet gas measurement for the upstream oil and gas market. Solartron ISA engineers have taken 25 years of experience and knowledge in wet gas flow behavior and added water fraction measurement to the Dualstream family of meters. Dualstream meters have been successfully used around the world in over 300 gas fields for solutions in hydrocarbon allocation and reservoir optimization.

The water fraction measurement utilizes a new unique approach developed especially for wet gas applications. Using multi-path sensors, the water fraction meter can obtain an extremely accurate record of the liquid phase fractions for virtually any flow regime. There are no probes or dead volume traps to worry about. The measurement sensor is the only non-intrusive sensor available that can detect the water fraction across the entire pipe diameter for wet gas flow.

The water fraction measurement coupled with Dualstream Venturi offers the simplest, reliable method for wet gas. This makes it ideal for harsh or remote locations. There are no regulative concerns as with sensors with radioactive sources.

Whether needed for allocation, reservoir optimization or detecting water breakthrough, the Dualstream 3 is the new standard for a reliable solution to everyday problems in wet gas measurement.

New Plug and Play Compact Design
Our latest design benefits from Solartron ISA’s unrivalled experience developed over three decades in the engineering, installation and operation of wet gas flow meters. Recent enhancements have been implemented to reduce installation time, improve measurement performance and increase operational safety on wellheads and flow lines.

  • Real time measurement of phase fractions
  • Excellent performance in oil & water continuous flow
  • No radioactive sources
  • Non-intrusive, no probes

Measurement Application
  • Water Breakthrough
  • Hydrocarbon Allocation
  • Production Optimization
  • Salinity Detection

Principle of Operation
The basic principles used within Dualstream 3 are explained in the video below:

  • Specifications +

    Measurement Technique
    Dualstream Venturi; Electromagnetic Resonant Cavity employing paired sensor combinations; PVT model

    Typical Operating Range
    Gas Volume Fraction: 90-100%
    Water Liquid Ratio: 0-100%
    Turndown: >8:1

    Typical Performance (95% confidence level)
    Gas Mass Flow Rate ±2%
    Condensate Mass Flow Rate ±10%
    Water Volume Fraction ±0.1% abs

    Typical Repeatability
    Gas Mass Flow Rate <0.40% relative
    Water Volume Fraction 0.02% abs
    Condensate Mass Flow Rate <2.0%

    Permanent Pressure Loss
    Pressure Loss specific to application <1bar

    Electromagnetic Resonant Cavity Sensors
    Differential Pressure
    Gauge Pressure
    Temperature - non intrusive sensor

    Data Acquisition
    Max. Power Requirements 50W
    Power Supply 24 V DC (16 V - 32 V)
    Signal Output RS485 Modbus (Standard)
    Ethernet (Optional)
    Hazardous Area Approval
    ATEX   II 2 G Ex d e IIB T6 Gb -20°C ≤ Ta ≤ 60°C

    IECEx II 2 G Ex d e IIB T6 Gb -20°C ≤ Ta ≤ 60°C

    Additional Features
    Salinity Detection

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