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Subsea Venturi Flow Meter - Sensor’s For Water & Gas Injection

Seastream Venturi flow meters, commonly referred to as SPFM’s (single phase flow meters), provide high accuracy and reliable flow measurement data in the harshest of subsea environments. Our gas lift, gas and water injection flow meters, supported by the ISO5167 international flow measurement standard, are recognized as a robust ‘fit and forget’ injection metering solution.

Next Generation

The latest compact design Seastream has been re-engineered to reduce CAPEX, lead time and benefit from standardized documentation.

Reliability & Performance

The sensor at the heart of our subsea flow meters consists of a resonating silicon crystal that provides a truly digital measurement from the process to the clients' control system. The digital operation ensures our Venturi offer class-leading accuracy, stability and operating range (turn down) essential to minimise intervention and enable efficient reservoir recovery over the life of the field. Our 'FloCalculator' uniquely provides a direct flow rate output only available on Seastream 


A Valued Track Record

Seastream has been operating in water depths down to 10,000ft (3000m) since the earlier 1990s providing valuable data to reservoir engineers across the worlds major and independent energy companies.

Quality & Environment

Solartron subsea hardware and sensors are built to robust quality standards, we are ISO9001:2015 certified and compliant with API 6A, API 17D and API 17F. Data from our meters can help reservoir engineers produce hydrocarbons more efficiently, therefore, reducing the environmental impact during energy production and our accreditation to ISO45001:2108 & ISO14001 ensures we manufacture responsibly.

One Concept For All Injection Applications

Seastream is available for 2 1/16th and 5 1/8" line sizes for gas lift, water or gas injection (including WAG) and chemical injection applications. API 10,000psi ratings are available. Alternate Venturi line sizes and rating are possible by special request.

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    Functional Specifications:

    Applicable Specifications API 6A / API 17D / API 17F / ISO 5167
    Pressure Rating 10,000psi
    Temperature Rating to API 6A LU (-46 to +121°C)
    Primary Device Venturi Tube
    Water Depth Down to 3000m (10,000ft)
    Design Lifespan >25 years

    Physical Specifications:

    Typical Line Size Gas Lift  2 1/16”
    Typical Line Size Water Injection  5 1/8” (Water Injection)
    Flow meter Body Material  Duplex (Standard)  with Super Duplex and Alloy 625 options
    End Connections  Studded or Flanged (Type 6BX)
    Overall Length Gas Lift  320mm (studded ends)
    Overall Length Water Injection 440 mm (compact version with studded ends)/ client specific options available

    Sensor Details: (Model SST3000)

    Communication Protocol SIIS Level 2 (Canbus)/ SIIS Level 1 (4-20mA)/ Modbus 485
    Output Parameters Digital Mode  Differential Pressure (DP), Pressure (P), Flow Rate (Qv/Qm)*, Diagnostics
    *Internal FloCalc Functionality
    Output Parameters Analog Mode  Differential Pressure (DP)
    Electrical Connector 4 way bulkhead connector

    Sensor Connection Welded/ Diaphragm Seal (SPO Flange)/ Diaphragm Seal (Autoclave)

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