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Subsea Injection Metering

Efficient well production requires reliable and accurate data relating to well performance. Information relating to secondary production processes is of increasing importance. Accurate flow data relating to water injection or gas lift rates can have a significant impact on final production. In gas condensate production accurate control of an inhibitor can be the key to cost efficient mitigation of potentially disastrous hydrates problems.

New Compact Design
Solartron ISA now offers new standard designs to reduce cost and lead time. Check out the below application note(s) for Water Injection and Gas Injection Metering solutions:
Seastream Injection Photo 1Seastream Injection Photo 2

Subsea Experience
Seastream meters have been implemented in shallow and deepwater water applications in up to 10,000ft (3000m) of water. The first subsea Seastream injection meter was supplied in 1991. Solartron ISA subsea meters are now in operation in the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Canada, SE Asia and Australia.

The Seastream family of injection flow meters is uniquely positioned to provide the operator with the optimum life of field solution.

Seastream Venturi - The most robust and widely used solution for water and injection applications.

Seastream Cone - Compact solution where installation space is limited.

Seastream Loflo - Specifically designed with injection of inhibitors, such as MEG or Methanol, in mind. The LoFlo is capable of measuring extremely low flow rates with a very high flow turn down.

Seastream FloCalculator - Offering highest accuracy and reliable operation even in the harshest of subsea environments.