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Seastream FloCalculator

Integrated Flow Metering Solution for Subsea Applications.

The Seastream meters are designed to offer high accuracy and reliable operation even in the harshest of subsea environments. The integration of the Seastream FloCalculator located in the flow meter, provides a direct flow measurement output of unrivalled accuracy whilst removing the programming complexity and expense from the Controls System.

  • Supports Seastream Venturi, LoFlo & Cone Meters
  • Mass Flow Algorithms Meeting ISO 5167
  • Integrated Calibration Curve
  • Selectable Temperature Correction
  • Configurable Composition Polynomials
  • Synchronized Flow and Process Variable Outputs
  • Customer Specified Process Units
  • ‘In-field’ Upgradeable via CAN Bootloader
  • CANopen Communications (SIIS-Level-2, Fault-Tolerant)
  • Approval to ISO 13628-6
  • Simulator Available for SCM Testing

Each meter is designed for a unique project application to suit individual operator specifications. The Seastream FloCalculator also offers a high level of customization with advanced set up parameters, such as temperature correction method, actual fluid density method, polynomial coefficients and meter calibration data. All are configurable using off-the-shelf CANopen network software.

The Seastream FloCalculator is designed particularly for single phase subsea flow meters, which applications include;

  • Gas Lift
  • Gas Injection
  • Water Injection
  • Inhibitor Injection

  • Specifications +

    Physical Specifications
    Operating Temp Range
    -30º to +80ºC
    Operating Voltage 16.4VDC - 32VDC
    Inrush Current < 200mA for 20ms
    Powert Consumption < 1W over operating voltage range

    Supported Meter Types
    • Venturi (Cast / Machined / Welded)
    • Cone Meter
    • LoFlo
    • Calibrated Meters: Up to 20-point Reynolds number vs
    • Discharge coefficient data table storage

    Supported Temperature Corrections
    • Orifice Plate Method
    • Joule-Thomson Enthalpic Approximation
    • Isentropic Method
    • Permanent Pressure Loss

    Alarm Indications
    Refert to datasheet for available options

    Transmitter Output
    • Standard: Canopen, fault, tolerant SIIS Level-2 compliant
    • CAN High Speed, Modbus over RS-485
    (Bootloader only available for CAN applications)

    Configurable Fluid Property Polynominals
    • Fluid Density
    • Specific Heat Capacity
    • Joule-Thomson
    • Viscosity
    • Gas Molecular Weight
    • Gas Compressibility

    Unit Options
    Refert to datasheet for available options

    CANopen Standards Supported
    Refert to datasheet for available options

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