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Seastream Loflo Meter

Specifically designed with injection of inhibitors, such as MEG or Methanol in mind.

The Loflo is capable of measuring extremely low flow rates with a very high flow turn down.

The Seastream LoFlo meters are designed to offer high accuracy and reliable operation, even in the harshest of subsea environments. These meters are designed to operate over a wide turndown. Each meter is designed for unique project applications and supplied in a variety of materials to suit individual Operator Specifications.

Using the Digital technology within the SST sensors, the Loflo meter is uniquely capable of extending the flow measurement range to cope with inhibitor flooding during well start up.

  • Cost Effective Inhibitor Management
  • Improve Hydrocarbon Recovery
  • High Accuracy
  • Compact
  • Fully redundant sensors

Specialist Solutions
The introduction of the new in-head flow calculator removes uncertainty from integration into subsea systems while reducing client software programming time. The ability to include a flow calibration curve within the calculation can further enhance the accuracy of the Seastream.

Close Coupled Diaphragm Seal Technology transferring the measurement closer to the process, is available for gas applications, reducing the possibilities of hydrate formation.

Fly to place instrumentation is available to enhance meter reliability

  • NO Control System Calculation Required
  • Close Couple Sensor Option
  • Fly to Place Instruments

The Seastream is designed particularly for Well Management and flow assurance Gas Lift and Water Injection applications but can be adapted for any single phase application.

  • Inhibitor Injection
  • MEG Injection
  • Methanol Injection

  • Specifications +

    Functional Specifications
    Line Size
    1 inch through to 4 inch
    Primary Device Loflo
    Beta Ratio 0.1 to 0.8
    Reynolds Number From 80 to an unlimited maximum
    Accuracy ±10% at Flooding
    +/-3% or +/-1% Normal Conditions
    Flow Turndown Typically >25:1, depending on Transmitter configuration (Digital mode only)
    Working Pressure Limits API 5K, 10K & 15K available
    Working Temperature Limits -20° to +80°C
    Water Depth Down to 5000mts
    Design Lifespan >25 years

    Physical Specifications
    Body Material UNS S31803 (Standard)/UNS S32760/Inconel 625
    Process Connection Flanged (API / ASME)/Hub/Butt Weld

    Transmitter Connection Bolted/Welded/Autoclave Fitting (Anti-vibration)/Fly to Place
    Transmitter Types SST1500 DP Series/SST2000 DP Series/SST3000 DP Series

    Size (Typical Length)
    1300 mm (2”NB) length can be reduced with calibration

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