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Our History

Original founded in 1968, as ISA Controls Ltd, to design and manufacture DP Flow elements & Temperature sensors, Solartron ISA has well over 50 years of experience in providing flow measurement solutions.

Still manufacturing DP Flow products today, this depth of knowledge in fluid dynamics is now used to provide solutions in complex multiphase flow and subsea applications. Since the early 1990’s, Solartron ISA has pioneered technology for wet gas and deepwater applications.

Key Product Milestones

1991 World’s first Subsea Flow Meter (Seastream)

1995 World’s first Subsea Wet Gas Meter (Dualstream)

1995 Worlds first Subsea Allocation Standard Wet Gas (Dualstream)

1998 SST1500 Subsea Differential Pressure Sensor launched

2000 World’s First ‘intelligent’ Wet Gas Meter launched (Dualstream 2)

2001 World Record depth for Subsea Flow meter (7200ft/2200m)

2005 100th Wet Gas Project Delivered

2008 SST 3000 Subsea DP Transmitters launched

2010 Dualstream 3 Launched

2012 Unique FloCalculator Launched for Seastream

2015 Compact Range of Seastream Subsea Meters Launched

2016 500th Dualstream Meter Sold!

2018 Dualstream 'Plug & Play' Design Launched 

2021 First Subsea Flow Meter Application for Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS)