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Solartron ISA Rebrands Dualstream Wet Gas Flow Meters New Brand Nomenclature Simplifies Flow Meter Selection

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

SHILDON, UK – Solartron ISA, a world leader in wet gas flow meters for topside and subsea applications, has rebranded its Dualstream family of wet gas flow meters to greatly simplify the process of choosing the correct gas flow meter for a particular application.

“Each wellhead application has its own unique challenges. Those challenges are not solved by a one size fits all solution,” comments Alan Downing, Director of Sales and Marketing for Solartron ISA. “Our operating philosophy is to offer a family of solutions and to utilize our extensive engineering expertise to customize our product to meet specific project requirements.”

Solartron ISA’s Dualstream meters are designed for direct installation at a wellhead or flow line, either top side or subsea. Stable and reliable with a typical lifespan greater than 20 years, Dualstream meters are ideal for unmanned platforms and marginal field development as well as for ultra deepwater installation.

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The Dualstream family consists of four products:

• Dualstream Venturi, the original wet gas metering system, is a cost-effective solution for allocation or monitoring gas flow rates. Applications include tie-ins to existing infrastructure and multi-well fields, in which production fluids remain relatively constant throughout the field’s life. The Dualstream Venturi is generally used in combination with test separators or tracer dilution techniques.

• Dualstream 1 is a multiphase measurement solution for allocation or monitoring gas condensate wells. It is typically used on a per well basis at the wellhead or in the flow line. Standard field instrumentation makes it ideal for remote wellheads or unmanned platforms. The Dualstream 1 is recommended when real-time, high-accuracy gas measurement is a fundamental requirement, and water measurement accuracy is required for efficient well operation. Dualstream 1 replaces the need for test separators or tracer dilution techniques.

• Dualstream 2 is a multiphase measurement solution typically used on wells with high levels of liquids, which can cause gas rate over read. The Dualstream 2 uses a dual pressure differential technique to measure liquid levels and a proprietary algorithm to achieve real-time, multi-phase measurement

• Dualstream 3 utilizes a unique, patented Solartron approach for water fraction measurement for real-time measurement of phase fractions in wet gas applications. Its flow meters incorporate multipath, non-intrusive sensors that have demonstrated excellent performance in oil and water continuous flow and proven to be extremely robust in handling changes in field hydrocarbon compositions.

Used by the leading oil and gas exploration and production companies worldwide, Solartron gas flow meters are considered the benchmark for wet gas metering. Solartron ISA has supplied flow meters to the oil and gas industry for more than 40 years, and its products have an unsurpassed field service history, even in the most demanding and hostile installation environments.